Shipping And Delivery

Deliveries are made via courier and in particular with ACS & TNT for Greece & Cyprus.


Shipping charges


Shipping costs in Greece are free of charge (only for objects and rugs) for orders worth more than or equal to three hundred euros (300 €) in Greece and Cyprus. For furniture purchases, free shipping is valid for shipment to a Carrier in Attica (customer choice). The cost of transport for furniture is borne by the customer.  For shipments abroad, freight over five hundred euros (500 €) is free of charge. For shipments of lesser value, shipping costs are calculated on the basis of the freight bill and charged to the buyer.


Delivery time


Deliveries are shipped within seven (7) business days. Special constructions are shipped within 25 days (after consultation with those responsible). Should any delay arise, we will contact you for instructions.


Tracking / Shipping tracking


After shipping, we will send you the billing number via e-mail. You can track your order by entering it on the ACS website or TNT respectively.

FUR DECO products come with after sales service

Η άριστη κατάρτιση και η εμπειρία κατασκευής, προσφέρουν τη δυνατότητα ανακατασκευής, επέκτασης ή επισκευής, οποιαδήποτε στιγμή, σε μικρό χρονικό διάστημα και με άριστα αποτελέσματα.